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Older Now

by The Fatal Flaw

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There are those who devise terrible lies, and through some trick of your birth, diminish your worth. When they attack you with bile, then tell you to smile, tell them to all go to hell, and when you do if you yell ... then, oh well. They wanna silence your voice with violence, they say you have no choice. You shall not fear them; you cannot hear them above your vibrant voice. They want you wilting and weak, timid and meek. They want you flat on your face, trapped in your place. So when you shout to the world you're no one's shy little girl, you may be met by some stares but, frankly, who fucking cares? Let them be disturbed by every word, louder than they've ever heard. They want you quiet, but when they try it -- that's when you make more noise. When you're subjected to their invective, you raise your vibrant voice.
Ain't it a shame fortune and fame can't seem to find us? And isn't it strange how few things change year after year. But the next time we headline, if you should jump on the Red Line, you'll find us there, in Central Square, and we're not going nowhere. I will be there in Central Square if you should need me. I will be there, I will be there. Ain't it shame, and kinda lame, that barely fifty people came -- but isn't it true, these things we do, we do for love? It's the town we got lost in, but we won't blame it on Boston. Yeah, this town ain't fair. In Central Square at least we fit in somewhere. I will be there in Central Square if you should want me; some years you're Up, some years you're Down. But I can call it a good night; we remain and we fight the good fight. Caught in the snare that's Central Square, year after year. I will be there in Central Square, so won't you join me? Come meet me there, come meet me there. And I can call it a good day, windows down, driving on the J-way at 2 am, back home again, year after year.
Kayla Girl 03:52
Everybody wants to know why you would hide away. Everybody thinks they know exactly just what to say. They diagnose and think the most unthinkable thoughts in the world. 'Cause everybody thinks that they own a piece of that sad little girl. Nobody here thinks you're just a game; everyone knows who's to really blame: Mom's always plastered; Dad is a bastard. That's a shame. But everyone you secretly love is calling your name: Kayla girl, Kayla girl, everyone loves to see you smile. Kayla girl, Kayla girl, none of us have seen it in a while. Everybody wants to see you overcome your doubt. Everybody wants to know when you might figure it out ... courting disaster, growing up faster's not the same. The part of you they've stolen away is yours to reclaim. Kayla girl, everyone's waiting. Kayla girl, don't you think it's time you came? Kayla girl, no one is the same as Kayla, Kayla, K-Kayla girl. K-Kayla girl, would you think how long you've known us now? We'd never leave you locked away inside your room. K-Kayla girl, did you think you could disown us now? Won't you come out, won't you make it soon?
Stray 03:12
Do what you wanna, stray where you're gonna stray. I know I don't have any say. Leave if you're leaving, stay if you're gonna stay. There's no one standing in your way. There's no one standing in your way, or standing idly by to see who you betray. There's no one voice you must obey; no voice to lure you or assure you it's okay to stray. Do what you need to, be who you're gonna be. I know that may not be with me. Go where you're going, see all there is to see. It's not my place to disagree. It's not my place to understand; to ever hold you back, or make any demands. It's not my job to hold your hands: to stop your shaking while you're making other plans. I know I don't have any say, I know I don't hold any sway. You can leave or you can stay: there's no one standing in your way. Do what you wanna, stray where you're gonna stray.
This Face 03:15
It's this face we both share; the different shades of weathered we both wear. If we trace every line, we'd see you've earned each furrow there, as I hope I'll earn mine. Let them show all we know, they grow bolder now; let them show the way to grow more than older. In this place, we're both there, and we both can feign indifference, but we care. If there's grace (the grace to bear this weight) in decline (decline to fight this fate), with every silver hair we gain we will welcome our design. Let them show all we know as we grow more, now. Let them shine, both yours are mine, we grow closer now. We grow closer. And we share this face, and we share these eyes. Yours a bit more faded, mine a bit less wise. And now we share this new face, frail and full of trust, and now it's clear, she's the mirror, reflecting both of us. And we're both her. Let her show now I know, that I'm older now. Behold your son, watch him become the beholder. We're both old, we're both older now. It's not over. We're not over now, we're just older now, in this face we both share.
En Vogue 03:08
I live in misery when you're not around. Come back, deliver me to the proving ground. What becomes of those who face such highs and lows? Such heartbreaking, painstaking, frustrating fights. Such earthshaking, love-making, breathtaking heights. I often fantasize of things we don't, but should. I'm teased and tantalized by the things we could. If I could, I suppose, I'd let you wear my clothes. Who knows what will be? Just don't let go of me. I need to see more because I can't pretend that I don't want to be more; more than your friend, your enemy. More than your friend. Such heartbreaking, painstaking, frustrating fights. My head-aching, hands quaking, still-waking nights. Such earthshaking, love-making, breathtaking heights.
It's so like you to only think about me, when you're the one who's scared. Please understand, this is nothing you planned: we're both caught unprepared. You need to know I will never let go, or ever let you fall, and don't despair ... you're not going anywhere. You need to know you could never let me down no matter how you tried. You need to know you will always be the one. You need to know I would be so lost without you I think I would die. You need to know all the good that you have done. It's just like you to try and take all the blame for things that aren't your fault. All's not lost yet, make sure you never forget you're more than one result. Please be aware, you're much more than your hair -- much more than that to me -- and your perfect skull couldn't be more beautiful. You need to know I can't live without your love; your love won't let me down tonight. I can't live without you, Love ... not now. Don't let me down. My love won't let you down tonight.
Indelible 03:43
As I stare at the brink, it frightens me to think of the many ways I'm always in your debt. And it's hard to even see what kind of man I'd be, had there never come the day when we first met. But it came. And I've never been the same. Indelible, you leave a lasting trace I can't erase. I carry you with me. Indelible, I see, for good or ill I know I will never quite be free. It truly breaks my heart so promising a start would only fall apart and fade from view. But I've come to accept that promise went un-kept, and still I don't regret most days with you. If I do, they're relatively few. The past is curious and sublime; the past is with us, it is with us all the time.
Anything she'd ask of me, I would do it faithfully. Oh, the pain love inflicts! And there are times I could believe I'm everything she could ever need, were love frozen or fixed. True as that may be, truth's no good to me that's too good to be true. There's that look in her eye; breaks me open inside. Shakes me more than it should. That's too true to be good. If I could make her heart hold fast -- trapped in amber; under glass -- I'd be tempted to try. But there still will come a day, she will still push me away, and I won't question why. Yeah, the truth is she must live truthfully ... for all the good that will do. Truth's no good to me that's too true to be good.
So Old 03:43
I've never been so old, I won't bother to deny it. If I may be so bold, I wouldn't bother to imply it. I guess we never really know exactly when our own returns start to diminish. We don't choose when we go, or if we're closer to the start than to the finish. Don't wish us luck; just wish us well. You know, you're not so young yourself. The body isn't cold; let's not rush to put it under. If it looks a little old (so old), is it really any wonder? There has to be a final show: is it best to see exactly when we're in it, or better not to know, unaware that it could end at any minute? Don't wish us luck; just wish us well. You know, you're not so young yourself. Grow older, slowly moulder ... hope that it's slow. So old is closer than you know.


released September 1, 2017

Older Now - performed by The Fatal Flaw

Joel Reader - vocals, bass
Glen Fant - guitar, vocals
Aaron Spransy - guitar, vocals, keys
Randy Tartow - drums

all songs, lyrics by J. Reader and music by The Fatal Flaw
except track #3, lyric by J. Reader, music by Ryan Mercedes & The Fatal Flaw
published by Equals Two Music (BMI), 2017

recorded & mixed by Jim Keaney

cover art by A. Spransy

photos by Joshua Pickering




The Fatal Flaw Boston, Massachusetts

Years in the making, OLDER NOW -- the new full-length album by Boston power-pop quartet The Fatal Flaw -- is all loud guitars, ferocious drumming, and killer harmonies.

The 10 tracks are linked by common themes familiar to anyone who's experienced the bittersweet undertaking of growing up: gaining new perspectives, losing old friends, and facing head-on the prospect of aging gracefully (or not).
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